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Miellelkindë Ulaingt
2 March 1985
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L'Effet C'est Moi - Nietzsche ...Ichi ga-anatashi denoseisu?... Herein lies my thoughts on whatever randomness fills my head. Hmmm...well, I'm male, that much I suppose everyone should know. Generally I write in my notebook, but lately I felt the need to expand. Besides, typing is easier on one's hands. Moreso, I'm writing a book. The sourcebook has been in development for five years, and the official material is 100 pages long as of this writing. The miscellanious material, including design sketches, assorted poetry, several notebooks, and random documents, has not been counted as of yet. But it's big. I also enjoy creating alternate grammatical system, or constructed language. I have basic outlines (general rules, sounds, declensions, conjugations, cluster rules, articles, syntax, and some lexicon) for four different languages as of this moment. I love languages in general ;)
I think this should be said, no matter how pretencious it might sound coming from A) a perfect stranger whose site you happened to stumble across or B) that weird kid you knew at school. But anyway, please consider this: Question everything. Question what you are taught. Question what you believe. Question what you see. Question who you are. It is only with questions, and even with unanswered questions, that you will grow as a person. If nothing else, think on that. With that said, fare thee well O noble fellow travellers, where ever you may be.