Miellelkindë Ulaingt (ulaingt) wrote,
Miellelkindë Ulaingt

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أنا زعلان

What a shitty past couple of days.

My phone was stolen (I'm pretty sure it was anyway) by this guy I was dancing with at a club, which REALLY fucking sucks since I JUST GOT IT. ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH. Which means I have to use my old shitty one AGAIN.
And I feel awful cause Jet gave me the phone too...
I still don't have a job, and my dad is nagging me without ceasing about it.
I still have no money toward my last year of college, which means I might have to sell myself into indentured service to the government.
Sunday Pride was a disaster, and I didn't even end up going.
Oh, and did I mention (for those of you who don't know) that I broke up with Larry (or rather he broke up with me, suprise suprise)?
Yeah. So much for a good summer. I wish I was still at school.
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