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Yeah I haven't posted in quite a while, but oh well.
Some of you already know this, but as per my major, I'm going to the American University in Cairo, Egypt, to study Linguistics and Arabic this coming fall! I was just notified that I was accepted into the program, so I'm very very excited. I'm planning to leave sometime in the middle of April to first go to Hamo's flat in Alexandria for a week, then to Cairo when school starts. Inshallah, while I'm there, I want to visit a lot of places: the Pyramids in Giza, Sharm ash-Shaykh, Luxor (this one is a bit unlikely since Luxor is very very far south), and maybe spend a weekend in Turkey or Greece, if time/money allows.
I'm planning to teach English while I'm there too. It's gonna be a crazy experience, and I can't wait.
Wish me luck everyone!
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